Find just the right goodie for the Pet Mom in Your Life!

Mother's Day Pet Lover Gifts

Finding the ideal present for your lady can be tough.
But if you think of the person you’re shopping for (and maybe her furry friend), presents can come easily to mind.

Here are some good questions to get you started:

1. Does she like a specific breed of animal?

Does she like dogs? Cats? Birds? Goldfish? If she has a pet, is it a rescue? A specific breed? These are some questions that can help determine the best gift for her!

2. Is she into fashion? Does she wear her animal lover status loud and proud?

For cat moms and lovers: 

How about a fashionable cat scarf?

Or maybe a darling crocheted cat beanie?

Cat socks can keep your paws warm!

Maybe a cute cat shirt?

These cute cat sneakers are perfect for a fur mommy!

For dog moms and lovers:

If her favorite night in involves her pooch(es), here's a great shirt.

Or a dog Infinity Loop Scarf! 

Here are some darling slippers in the shape of dogs. My favorite ones are, of course, the dog ones! Darling!

These darling shoes have doggy faves on them!

Nothing is more cozy than snuggling up with woman's best friend in these cute pajama bottoms!

Show your love for four-legged friends with these leggings with dogs and bones on them!

If the fur on all your clothes isn't enough of an identifier, get her this hoodie.

3. Totes & Purses & Carriers, Oh My!

Accessories make the pet lover and here are some great pet lover goodies:

For cat moms and lovers: 

Here's a great tote for a tabby lover!

If she's into black and white, this tote is the cat's meow!

This cat backpack is really darling!

For a slightly more formal look, this Betsey Johnson purse is purr-fect!

If you think she'd like a more artsy, illustrated look, check out this purse!

For dog moms and lovers:

Here's a tote with a darling bone fob!

This tote is more artsy and very colorful!

If you're a dog AND cat lover, and let's be honest, many of us are, here is a great purse for you!

This Pomeranian handbag is darling and comes in two sizes- medium and large!

If you'd like a purse with a specific dog on it, this style is available with different breeds!

4. Does she like to combine her love of animals with her love for Shiny things?

It's a fact: with women, you can never go wrong with jewelry and there are many ideas for pet lovers.

If cats are the cat's meow:

Have you seen this darling sterling silver cat necklace?

Here's a pair of adorable pearl kitty earrings!

Most women like charm bracelets. Here's one for cat lovers!

Always know when it's time to feed kitty with this charming cat watch.

If dogs are her best friend:

Who wouldn't love this Best Dog Mom Ever bracelet?

5. Is she a musician?

If the answer is yes, is she longing for a new instrument? You can purchase guitars, drums and other instruments online. If the cost of an entire guitar or other instrument is not in your budget, consider some other good gifts for your music lover:

- An old-school CD. We know, you probably don't listen to CDs anymore, but Mom probably does. This Guardians of the Galaxy CD is great because it has music she'll love and you may even get her to sit down and watch the movie with you after she hears it! Guardians of the Galaxy CD.

- Sheet music- you can buy blank sheet music or purchase some of her favorite artists so she can learn to play songs she loves.

- Accessory items-
wah pedals,

new guitar strings, For electric, we like the Super Slinky:

Or, if your music lover is into acoustic, guitar strings make a good gift:

guitar picks,

These LED drum sticks light up- super cool!

Guitar stands- This is a great gift for acoustic or electric guitars

Phone apps that act as a guitar interface adapter:

- Is she a crooner? You can get her something fun, like a karaoke mike or something cuddly, like this singing teddy bear.

- Or, get her a Choir Girl Charm

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