Find just the right goodie for the Mother of all art lovers!

Mother's Day Art Gifts for Her

Looking for the ideal present for your lady who loves art? It can be tough.
But if you think of the person you’re shopping for, presents ideas can come easily to mind.

Here are 5 questions to ask to get you started:

1. Does she like a specific type of art?

Art is very subjective and tastes vary by almost as many people are there are on this earth. If you want to get her something related to her love of art, start by asking her what kinds she likes.

If you feel comfortable enough buying her a gift of art for her home, here are some ideas:

For a floral, more traditional look, how about this?

If she likes more contemporary style art, check this out.

She might like something for a table, maybe a nice vase? The farm look is very popular. 

Or, if she likes a sleeker look, try this modern vase.

2. Is she into fashion? Does she wear art-related accessories or clothes?

If you can find what kind of art she loves, consider getting her something that matches her style, like:

Some great socks. Yes, socks! They feature classic paintings by da Vinci, Van Gogh, Klimt and Munch.

How about a tote with a touch of art?

3. Does she enjoy making her own art?

Here are some neat gift ideas for her artist's soul:

Stone painting- it’s a real thing and it’s pretty awesome!

Get her a book that shows her how to make her own clothes.

Tech meets fashion- Make wearable electronics!

How about jewelry making?

If she’s making her own art, she’ll need a great place to store her stuff! How about a waterproof storage tote?

4. If she loves sparkly art she can wear, check out these beauties!

Art you can wear brings her love of art and style together so everyone can see how unique she is!

These beautiful, artsy cuff bangles are very stylish

An artsy and unique gift - hand-rolled sterling silver earrings.

Combine her love for Native American art with her love of earrings! And, they’re handmade!

Handmade Mermaid Necklace!

5. Is she an artist?

If her favorite art is her own, there are some great gifts for her. Let her creativity flow so that when she looks at the gift you've bought her, she'll think of you and know how much you mean to her.

Is she serious about her artwork? Get her a set of professional markers from Copic.

How about a beautiful leather storage organizer for her art tools?

If you’re looking for a different type of art for her, consider a mosaic kit.

Once she completes her art project, she’ll need a place to display it.

If you want to get her something artistic that she may not have, how about a calligraphy set?

It may take a little time, but there are plenty of unique gift options for women who love art!

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