Find just the right Mother's Day Gift!

Ah, Mother’s Day- the one day of the year we let Mom know just how much we love her. Yeah, right. If you're only telling Mom she's special one day a year, chances are you're in the dog house a LOT! Seriously, though, moms are great and we should gift them with something special to let them know how much they appreciate all they do for us all year long!

Here are some gifts that are guaranteed to have your mom bragging to all her friends!

15. Van Gogh Starry Night RFID Card Holder

Giving Mom a little extra protection is a great idea. This beautiful card holder is made to protect against scanners that can read your credit cards and steal your identity This gift is affordable, tasteful and shows you care.

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14. Outlander Season 3

Okay, I'll admit this one is a little self-serving. I'm a mom and I LOVE Outlander. If your mom doesn't know about Outlander and you have a little extra cash, get her Seasons 1 & 2 as well. You'll make her a fan of a great story and give her some eye candy, too!

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13. Wonder Woman Mom Bracelet

Is your mom the original Wonder Woman? Acknowledge all she does for you with a little nod to her D.C. fan club membership with this Wonder Woman Mom bangle.

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12. Mom's Therapy Wine Glass

Stemless wine glasses are all the rage and let's face it: wine has always been popular with moms, so why not get her something she can really use? This pretty glass and a nice long, hot bath make the perfect evening!

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Naughty Kitty Earrings

11. Naughty Kitty Earrings

Combine her love of cats with her love of jewelry! These sterling silver earrings are lightweight and so cute! Adds charm and beauty to any outfit! These allergy-safe earrings are darling and come with sterling silver butterfly backing. Order today!

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10. Kate Spade Water Bottle

Is your mom a bit of a diva? Does she like the finer things in life? Then she's familiar with Kate Spade and would love this gold glitter water bottle! It's Mother's Day- spoil her!

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Towel Wrap

9. Towel Wrap

What women really want! I have had at least one of these since my first year in college when a friend bought me one of these gems! This is a MUST-HAVE for any woman. Available in many colors, this wrap comes with a matching hair towel. Wrap has a pocket (!) and its elastic and Velcro construction makes it comfortable to put on and wear while you’re doing hair and makeup. A thoughtful gift that she will love!

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Beautiful Lace Scarf

8. Beautiful Lace Scarf

Scarves are all the rage with women right now! This is a beautiful scarf that adds a little extra something with the lace detail – pretty, but comfortable and stylish, too! The neutral color options go with anything and the size (63” long x 5.75” wide) make it easy to wear in a multitude of styles. You’ll know she loves it because she’ll wear it all the time!

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Herb Garden

7. Indoor Herb Garden

Tired of cut roses that only last a few days? Here’s the plant that keeps on giving! An indoor herb garden is a great gift for a woman who loves to cook but also loves fresh ingredients. This pod kit is hydroponic, meaning it uses water and come with nutrients to grow beautiful herbs without the mess. You can grow anything you like in it, but it comes with seeds for Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint.

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6. Oil & Wax Warnmer

Give her something that’s safer and prettier than candles: a wax and oil warmer. Scented wax is all the rage with ladies. Scented warmers are safer than candles because they do not use an open flame. And, the scents are available in a multitude of options- seasonal, sweet, clean, floral, you name it!

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5. Love That You're My Mom Pillow

Okay, so it may be a little cheesy, but what Mom doesn't love cheesy when it comes to gifts from their kids? I know I would proudly have this on my bed if my kid bought it for me!

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4. Foot Bath Massager

I've seen these before, but this one is SUPER nice! This top-of-the-line foot massager is really cool and very affordable! It has temperature-controlled heat, rollers, vibration, bubbles and three pedicure attachments! I would love to have this for me! I bet your mom would love it, too!

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3. Manicure Set

I'll be honest- I'm not real big on nail salons. I like to keep my nails from being damaged and I like to take care of them at home. This set is great because it has some great tools all in one place that your mom can easily keep together and use whenever she likes. Or, if you're a really great kid, take this to her and then do her nails. It will be a Mother's Day gift she'll never forget because you're spending time with her!

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2. St. Pete Tote

Let's be honest- I'm not sure there is a purse big enough for mom! If you're looking for a great gift for mom for summer (it's just around the corner) this tote is really cute and practical. Even if your mom is one of those women who likes smaller purses, this is great size for travel- she can even put her small purse in it!

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1. Mother's Necklace

New and established mothers will love this new take on a mother's necklace. The sterling silver bar is customized with child's name and baby feet. You can also add a birthstone and choose your length and style of chain. It's a gift she'll enjoy every day!

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