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20 Great Gifts for Photographers!

Find just the right gift for your shutterbug!

Do you have a photography buff in your life? Me too!

Although I’ve never been a good photographer (flashback to my son’s First Snow pics, which all had my mitten in the corner) I do know what photographers like.

I have several photographer friends and family members and here are some photographer-approved ideas:

Here are the top 20 gift ideas to get your photographer:

1. Photo-Themed Ideas

Most people who are photographers for a profession or a hobby love to be reminded of their passion for the art. Here are some themed gifts.

I love this gift! This is a camera travel mug. It's so darling and I've actually purchased this for a friend. She loves to drink hot tea and I see her using this all the time! Mug is available in black or white. Click on the cute mug to learn more.

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2. Photography Notebook

Ever heard of writer's block? Photographers get that, too! Why not give your photographer some ideas on great things to shoot? This book of 307 Photographer's ideas is a great way to help them get their creative juices flowing!

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3. Photography Motif Scarf

This is darling! Infinity scarves are all the rage. Let your lady photographer show off her love for the art with this great scarf! It's lightweight enough to be worn year-round and stylish enough to wear anywhere- this can be worn to a gig or a night out!

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4. Photography Tote

If you know a photographer, then you know that they are always carrying more equipment than you can possibly imagine! Help 'em out with a carrying case. Well, for most photographers, this will be another case, not a replacement! With its primary colors and utilitarian straps, this is a great gift for a man or woman.

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5. Darling Camera Necklace

Ooo! This is a cute one. I actually bought this also for another friend and I can tell you, it's very cute! The camera charm has a crystal in the center for the lens and it comes with an 18-inch snake chain! Since it's black, it goes with everything and almost every time I see my girlfriend, she's wearing this- and I've run into her when we're out- she didn't even know I'd see her! This gift is a home run!

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6. Photographer's Tee Shirt

This tee shirt actually looks cute on men and women, but I thought it would be good to have at least a few things on here for men. Photography can be a strenuous hobby- hiking, stretching, crouching- all common activities photographers endure in their effort to get the best shot. Comfortable clothing is invaluable. This great tee shirt not only shows their love of their hobby or profession but it also looks stylish and is comfortable for a long day of shooting.

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7. Photographer's Vest

I mentioned before but I'll write it again: Photography involves a LOT of stuff. And, it's expensive stuff! Here are some great things to help the photographer in your life.

This is a great vest! Photographers always seem to need four hands. However, since that's not possible, this vest is the next best thing. This vest has many pockets so a photographer has lots of space for lenses, lids, SD Cards and other gear. Available in LOTS of colors and it's machine washable!

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8. Camera Wristlet

Show your love of photography wherever you go with this camera wristlet. This can be worn socially or used to store photography items when on a photo shoot. Cute, easy to carry and great for smaller items that could get lost in a larger bag or items on their own.

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9. Gear Cart

Between cameras, lenses, light meters, laptops and a plethora of lights and backdrop gear, photographers sometimes need to be a rolling studio. Help them get from A to B with this cart. Its design allows it to be used in different capacities and its sturdy construction allows it to easily hold all your camera gear.

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10. Photography Spotlight

Whether your photographer is an established professional or just starting out as a hobby or new to the biz, equipment is a big expense. You can help your friend out by purchasing a spotlight from them. This light's height is adjustable and smart outlet compatible.

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11. Camera Mural

Photographers are a little rabid about their passion. Ask any photographer and they don't just do it for a living or a hobby; the photographers I know show up to every birthday party, family event or even a day at the park armed with at least one camera. This mural is a great gift for a photographer who has a studio or a person whose hobby is photography to decorate their home. This item is a great gift in any environment.

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12. Chalkboard Wall Art

Another great decorating find! This cute chalkboard wall art is fun and available in 18"x24" or 24"x36". Not only can you choose the size, but you can also have it personlized with your photographer's name! This art will look great in a room, studio, office or house. Order it today!

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13. Stainless Steel Hooks

It may not seem like a photographer's tool, but it's a great aid to shutterbugs! These hooks are wonderful for holding all kinds of props, accessories, gadgets, cords and so much more! A bar with a stainless steel hooks helps keep your photographer's studio organized and everything easy to find! I promise they'll thank you for it!

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14. Knee Pads

Again, this is a nice goodie for people who are in the know about photography! If you know or love a photographer, you see them get at the weirdest angles just to get that perfect shot! This can mean climbing a tree, crawling under something, using a ladder or sinking down or crouching. These knee pads are great!

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15. Light Meter

Photographers are obsessed with light. In fact, they talk about light all the time. This light meter is a tool a professional photographer cannot live without. Or, if your photographer is an amatuer, this is a great learning tool to understand light and how your camera interprets it.

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16. Color & Light Meter

Here's a great tool for your photographer. It's a light and color meter for photo and video! This tool is really nice because it works with your iOS device. This tool shows ambient exposure, flash exposure, color temperature and spot metering.

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17. Photography Lighting Kit

If you know a photographer who is just starting out, this is a great kit to get them ready to go! This kit includes 3 bulbs, 3 bulb sockets, 2 umbrella reflectors, and 2 86" light stands.

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18. Lighting Kit

These are some lights! This set of two (2) lights comes complete with stand, light sockets, bulbs and reflectors. They also come with a carrying case to make transport easier.

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19. Heavy Duty Clamps

These clamps are great for holding all types of accessories for photographers. Drapes, lights, tools or even products your photographer is shooting. You can never have too many clamps!

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20. Photographer's Kit

This is a great set for photographers who need a complete setup for photo shoots. The set comes with three (3) backdrops- black, white and green; stands with assembly frames to hold the backdrop, and carrying cases for everything! A must-have for photographers of all experience levels.

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