Find just the right gift for the man in your life who loves art!

5 Questions to Help Find
Good Art Gift Ideas for Him

Shopping for men can be tough enough as it is. If you add his love of art into the picture, it can further complicate the issue. But, if you can ask yourself these five simple questions, it can clarify your search and help you find a great gift idea for him.

Here are five questions and ideas to get you going for the man in your life who loves art:

1. Is he an artist?

If your artist is starving, a gift that is for their passion may be a great idea! Artists usually love anything relating to their craft, but it’s especially great to give them a gift that’s related to their talent.

Is he serious about his artwork? Get him a set of professional markers from Copic.

Let him get creative with wood- Check out this great woodburning kit.

How about a beautiful leather storage organizer for his art tools?

Here’s a branding iron- pretty cool!

2. Does he like to wear art?

For men who love art, sometimes it’s not enough to enjoy it. Some men like to live in it! Give your art lover a gift he’ll love:

A Van Gogh Tee Shirt- very unique!

We found a Make Art Not War tee

If he likes shirts with french cuffs, how about Steampunk Cufflinks?

How about a cool Barrel of Monkeys bow tie?

3. Is he into tech?

Combine his love of tech with his love of art. Maybe a little geek thrown in, too!

Take a look at this great Batman Tech Book

If he likes to use his computer for his art, this Wacom tablet is a great gift. He can draw and his art is saved electronically!

Here’s a lightbox so he can trace artwork.

How about a 3D pen?!

4. Spruce up his place with some
cool art gifts men will love!

Here are some good gifts for your guy’s place:

This Indie tapestry bedding is neat and unique.

Liven up an evening of playing cards at home with this Deck of the Living Dead Illustrated Playing Cards

Art gifts aren’t always paintings. Ansel Adams is a master of photography. Here is a wonderful book of Ansel Adams photography.

5. Does his wardrobe need a little help?

Even artsy guys need a little help improving their look. Here are some ideas on gifts you can give the art lover in your life:

This beautiful macrame bracelet is meaningful and stylish.

Take a look at this Vintage Tree of Life Bangle.

These hoop earrings are unique and made to last.

Help him improve his look with this tutorial book on hair and stubble style.

A nice dress shirt with contrasting colors is a great look!

New job? Need to look professional? Here's a great book about dressing the part.