Find just the right goodie for the music lover in your life!


If You’re Looking for Good Music Gifts for Men,
We Have Some Great Ideas for You!

Here are five questions and ideas to get you going:

1. Does he play in a band?

If the guy you’re gift hunting for music goodies jams regularly with his buddies, one good gift idea is to buy him something for his practice sessions.

Here are some great ideas for presents:

2. Is he into a specific band?

Tee shirts are always a hit with guys, no matter their age. Here are some great gift ideas for music tees:

3. Is he into tech?

Expand his love of music to include his other permanent accessory: his phone.
Did you know you can get a holder for his phone that attaches to his guitar? Take a look.

Worry about his hearing being around loud music? Get him some noise protection headphones that cuts high decibel sound but he can still hear speaking voices!

If he’s on the go, but not into ear buds all the time, try a small size, big sound speaker.

Or, here’s a speaker you can actually wear!

4. Is his place a little, well, boring?

Here are some good gifts for your guy’s place:
Jimmy Hendrix wall clock 

Guitar Spatula- combine his love for cooking with his love for music! 

What? A light bulb that changes colors and plays music? And it’s controlled by your phone? Yep!

5. Does his wardrobe need a little help? Here are some good gift ideas:


Sure, buying just the right gift can be difficult, but we hope we’ve given you some great ideas! Happy shopping!

Music Lover Playing Guitar