Find just the right goodie for the music lover in your life!

Good Music Gifts for Her

Looking for the ideal present for your lady? It can be tough.
But if you think of the person you’re shopping for, presents can come easily to mind.

Here are some good questions to get you started:

1. Does she like a specific genre of music?

If you can, take a look at her playlist. If you’re not sure, you can
buy her a gift card for downloads.

2. Is she into fashion? Does she wear her love
of music on her sleeve?

There are some great accessories that help her show her love of music. Backpacks, tee shirts or other gift items can let her show her love of a specific artist or band.
Here is a cool music backpack - it would make a great gift!

Or maybe a tote bag with musical notes?

3. How technically gifted is she?

If she’s into tech, there are MANY options:
Headphones- maybe Bluetooth? These come in all price ranges. Here are some links to
different price points and brands.

For her car: If she doesn’t have Bluetooth in her car, there are some cool mini speakers you can buy for her. Here are some goodies:

For her workout: Believe it or not, there are playlists you can buy and even workout gear that let her connect with her tunes while she’s getting physical. Get her an MP3! CDs available, too!

4. Does she like bling? Shiny things? Sparkles?

My friend, you can never go wrong with jewelry and there are many ideas for music-related items. If she sings or is more of a music lover in general, there are bracelets with cute musical notes. If she’s into music, here are some great gift ideas:

A charm bracelet:

Music ring for her:

Scarf to keep her warm and stylish:

5. Is she a musician?

If the answer is yes, is she longing for a new instrument? You can purchase guitars, drums and other instruments online. If the cost of an entire guitar or other instrument is not in your budget, consider some other good gifts for your music lover:
- A gift certificate she can apply towards the purchase of an instrument or accessory.
If you can, take a look at her playlist. If you’re not sure, you can buy her a gift card for downloads.

- Sheet music- you can buy blank sheet music or purchase some of her favorite artists so she can learn to play songs she loves.

- Accessory items-
wah pedals,

new guitar strings, For electric, we like the Super Slinky:

Or, if your music lover is into acoustic, guitar strings make a good gift:

guitar picks,

These LED drum sticks light up- super cool!

Guitar stands- This is a great gift for acoustic or electric guitars

Phone apps that act as a guitar interface adapter:

- Is she a crooner? You can get her something fun, like a karaoke mike or something cuddly, like this singing teddy bear.

- Or, get her a Choir Girl Charm here: